Call for Student Volunteers

Welcome to „Mensch und Computer“ (MuC), one of the largest HCI conferences in all of Europe. After 600 participants in a hybrid setting in Darmstadt 2022, we are happy to announce our first MuC in Switzerland as an in-person conference from 03 September – 06 September 2023 In Rapperswil (SG).

We are looking for dedicated students as well as PhD students as student volunteers (SVs) to help us run a smooth conference. Being an SV might be your first chance to attend a conference and learn about the lates advances in research. Most importantly, however, SVs get to experience a look behind the scenes of big conferences’ inner workings and interact with like-minded students, PhDs as well as professors.


You are needed to ensure that the conference runs smoothly. You will assist at the reception, prepare and supervise the necessary technology in our conference rooms, answer organisational questions from speakers and participants as well as generally support of the organisation team. This means that you will spend roughly 24-25 hours from 02 September to 06 September.

What You Get In Return

We offer free entrance to the conference, food and for a limited number of SVs free accommodation in a nearby youth-centre. You will also get the SV t-shirt with this year’s conference design and we are planning a fun SV party towards the end of the conference!

Apply Now!

If you are interested in attending MuC23 in Rapperswil, CH, as an SV, please send a short letter of motivation to

This might include previous conferences you attended, previous SV experience, your interest in MuC and so on. If you are from the Zürich area, you have worked for German UPA before or you are *the* semi-professional photographer we need, you might earn some bonus points in the selection process. Please state where you will be traveling from, the university you are enrolled at and the duration of your stay (i.e. working days) as well as anything we need to watch out for, like food allergies. Also, please indicate if and why you need free accommodation. Please note that preference will be given to SVs who make themselves available for the entire duration of the conference.

Please note: This conference will be mainly held in German. While we are slowly opening up the conference to international attendees, please note, that a large part of the participants will communicate with you in German.