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Opening Keynote: Anthony Steed | Immersive Competence and Immersive Literacy: Designing for Accessibility and Engagement in Mixed Reality
Montag, 04.09.2023:
9:30 - 10:30

Ort: Gebäude 4, Aula

Zusammenfassung der Sitzung

While immersive experiences mediated through near-eye displays are still a relatively immature medium, there are millions of consumer devices in use. However most members of the general public will have very little experience with such devices. This poses a number of challenges to experimenters  and designers. Increasingly in our own experiments we need to model the user level of experience as this can dramatically affect user response. Designers of consumer experiences need to deal with users having vastly different levels of expertise. We will explore this using terms we have coined recently: immersive competence and immersive literacy. We illustrate competency and literacy by reference to some of our own recent work on user responses in mixed reality. We will then suggest elements of a research agenda that can develop a better understanding of design for supporting user engagement and broader accessibility in the mixed reality area.