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MCI-WS06: Co-Creation of Hybrid Interactive Systems for Healthcare
Sonntag, 03.09.2023:
9:00 - 17:00

Ort: Gebäude 1, Raum 1.261

Zusammenfassung der Sitzung

The value of hybrid approaches in healthcare has become apparent, in particular, during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, but remains important post-covid, as hybrid modes of operation can mitigate other issues, e.g. remote healthcare delivery, or sustainable healthcare. The advancement of data science and artificial intelligence enables these hybrid modes of healthcare, but also calls for integrated co-creative design approaches that bring together experts in AI, Socio-Informatics, UX and Ethics as well as citizens and practitioners. Despite a long-standing tradition of participatory approaches within HCI, an analysis of the literature shows that a deeper analysis of the practice of inter- and transdisciplinary participatory research in the healthcare field is missing. Furthermore, the aforementioned technological advancements bring new social, technical and ethical issues to the fore, among others questions of data bias, and empowerment of stakeholders. In this workshop we invite researchers and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and (design) case studies in co-creation of hybrid health systems and learn from contextualized best practices and failures. Through building on these experiences and cases and taking inspiration from praxeological research, we would like to collaborate towards a systematic approach for reflection in co-creation of hybrid healthcare systems. 


First InternationalWorkshop on Co-Creation of Hybrid Interactive Systems for Healthcare

Alina Huldtgren1, Holger Klapperich1, Tim Weiler2, David Struzek2, Lone Malmborg3, Mark Rouncefield2, Gerhard Fischer4, Claudia Müller2

1Hochschule Düsseldorf, Deutschland; 2Universität Siegen; 3IT University of Copenhagen; 4University of Colorado