Welcome to the Mensch und Computer 2023, 3. – 6. September, at the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences Campus Rapperswil (SG) at the Zürichsee, Switzerland

The “Mensch und Computer” (MuC) conference, launched in 2001, is the largest conference series on human-computer interaction in Europe. MuC offers participants from science and industry a platform for contributions and discussions on innovative forms of interaction between people and digital technology, on human-centered development methods, interactive applications, and other topics in the field between users, teams and communities on the one hand and information and communication technologies used on the other hand. The aim of the conference is to discuss innovative research results, to promote the exchange of information between academia and practitioners, to stimulate research activities and training, and to sensitize science, practice, and the public to the relevance of human- and task-oriented technology design. Mainly English-language technical papers and their publication in the “ACM Digital Library” or Digital Library of the GI promote the worldwide visibility of the scientific results of MuC.

[1] dl.acm.org
[2] dl.gi.de


Important Dates:
Track Contribution Type Submission
HCI Workshops 14.03.2023
HCI Full Papers 04.04.2023
HCI Short Papers 12.06.2023
HCI Tutorials 12.06.2023
HCI Demos 12.06.2023
HCI Doctoral Consortium 26.06.2023
HCI Student Research Competition 26.06.2023
HCI Student Volunteers 26.06.2023
UP Workshops/Tutorials 03.07.2023
UP Presentations 03.07.2023
UP Working Groups 03.07.2023
UP Barcamp 03.07.2023