The event has already taken place in 2023.

Registration Rates

Non-members 620 €
Members (GI, German UPA, UX Schweiz, and ACM) 520 €
University members 550 €
Students & pensioners (Non-members)170 €
Students & pensioners (GI, German UPA, UX Schweiz, and ACM)110 €
Day Ticket420 €
Day Ticket Workshop170 €
Fee after Early Registration (31.07.2023)100 €
Fee after Early Registration (Students) (31.07.2023)50 €

for the purposes of the reduced conference fee are those without a permanent job, with only marginal employment or a comparably low stipend.

The Mensch und Computer conference is a scientifically oriented, non-profit conference. Since a large part of the participants actively present papers, all those who present in the program or in workshops must also register normally as conference participants and pay the registration rate.

The registration rate includes participation in the entire conference program – whether HCI or UPA events. Each participant can thus freely define their own program from all offered lectures, workshops, tutorials. The registration rate also includes participation in the demo and poster session and, for most registration types, the evening event. Owners of a day ticket can attend all events of the booked day (except the evening event).


  • The early booking discount applies if the payment is received by the organizer by the end of the early booking period. If the payment is made after the end of the early bird period, then the normal price will be charged.
  • Registration for scientific workshops, scientific tutorials as well as restricted admittance UP events: The registration serves for the information of the organizers and for the choice of suitable event rooms; For the limited admittance events only one event may be chosen in each time slot – If two events are chosen in one time slot, then both reservations will be cancelled again by the conference organization.
  • Registration for corporate participants: Especially in corporations it is often the case that the actual registration (with payment of the conference fee) and the selection of professional events is done by different departments. The following procedure is possible: Travel department/team assistance creates user ID and processes registration without selecting events. The user ID is passed on to the actual participant, who can then select events under “Edit participation data”.
  • Collective registration for multiple participants (of an organization): The registration of participants in the conference management system is normally done individually. If you as an organization wish to register several participants with a collective invoice, please contact the conference organization team.
  • Memberships for the GI or German UPA can be obtained online.

Conference Proceedings

Each participant will receive the entire conference proceedings in electronic form at the beginning of the conference.

Evening event

The evening event is an integral part of the conference and therefore cannot be cancelled when registering for the conference. For tax reasons, it will nevertheless be shown as a separate item on the invoice.

Conditions of Participation and Payment

(which you must confirm in the conference management system when registering)

  • Registration for participation is binding. Should you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the start of the event, 50 percent of the fees will be refunded. In all other cases, your financial obligations remain in effect.
  • In exceptional cases, you may designate a person to attend the conference in your place. Should you wish to make use of this option, you must inform us by letter or e-mail.
  • The registration fee is due immediately upon registration and must be paid within 14 days of online registration, but no later than 7 days before the start of the event. A right to participate exists only after receipt of the full registration fee.
  • The conference programme is subject to change.
  • In case of cancellation of the conference, your payments will be refunded. The organiser has no further obligations towards the participant. However, registrations remain valid if the event has to be postponed.