As you prepare for your stay in Switzerland, we would like to provide you with some basic information and advice to help make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Bezahlung & Bankomaten

In Switzerland, payment is made in francs (CHF or Fr.). The current exchange rate is almost 1:1. In most stores you can pay with EC or credit card. In many places payments in Euro are accepted. However, you will usually receive change in francs. For cash withdrawals, you will find several ATMs opposite the train station. Please note that fees may apply, according to the conditions of your bank.

Generally, contactless payment works everywhere (credit card, Google Pay/Apple Pay).


There is free wifi in the stations and and several trains. Please note that you will need to register your phone number for this.

Wi-Fi is available on the campus grounds. You will be given the access data during the registration process.


Since Switzerland is not part of the EU, you should book an appropriate roaming package in advance; otherwise you may be faced with horrendous costs. However, it is also possible to use only the WLAN on campus, in trains and in public places.

Useful Apps for Your Stay in Switzerland

The official and most accurate weather app for Switzerland.
Downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Swiss Federal Railways app for timetables and tickets.
Downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Topographic maps of Switzerland, perfect for hikers.
Downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Switzerland Mobility
Your guide for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.
Downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


For devices with Schuko plug you need an adapter, because Switzerland uses J-plugs. However, the Euro plug (plug C, oblong-oval, with two connections without grounding) also fits into Swiss sockets.


The cost of living in Switzerland is quite high compared to other European cities. Therefore, we recommend that you buy food at the supermarket if necessary. Coop, Migros and Lidl are supermarket chains in Rapperswil (see map).

If you want to view the interactive map below, you accept to request data from external Google Services from your browser. You can also access the map here.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal in Switzerland is relatively simple.

  • PET bottles -> PET collection
  • Paper -> waste paper
  • Cardboard -> waste cardboard
  • Aluminum -> Aluminum
  • (Almost) everything else (plastic packaging, Tetrapak etc.) -> garbage