In this category, innovative technology demos, novel forms of interaction, and also interactive artistic works can be submitted.

The following two types of demos are possible:

  • Interactive systems. These can be novel hardware solutions, interaction concepts, or interesting software solutions from various application areas. The only condition is that they must be non-commercial contributions. We also welcome the submission of demonstrators accompanying a long paper submitted to the scientific program.
  • Design Artifacts. Innovative examples of digital media or interactive systems and interactive, multimedia, or artistic works (e.g., art installations, games).

The demo contributions will be presented in a separate demo session and are intended to encourage people to get to know each other, try them out, get inspired by them, discuss them, and generally exchange knowledge. Presenters create audience attention for their demo in a preceding demo slam.

  • Format Template
    • Overleaf & LaTeX, and use \documentclass[manuscript,anonymous,screen]{acmart}.
    • Word
  • Submission
    • A brief description of the system or the design/artistic work in a compact form on 2 to 4 pages plus a bibliography.
    • Demo video (optional, but highly recommended; max. 5 minutes, Full HD-resolution, mp4 format). If there are problems uploading the demo video (unfortunately, the ConfTool only allows 150MB per file), there is the possibility to send large files directly via a download link to
    • Preview image for the overview page (Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px; Format: jpg / png)
    • Demo Technical Supplement (optional)
    • Submission in ConfTool at „MCI Demos: Interactive Systems or Demonstrators“ 
  • Final Version
    • Possibility to submit a 30-second teaser video
    • Word: Instructions for Word documents will be added soon.
    • Upload of submissions with TAPS (see hereand via ConfTool